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Take back control of your Windows 10 system!

WUpdate Boss is a utility for Windows 10 that limits the running of the Windows Update service to certain hours that you choose, or completely disables it -- preventing it from automatically updating and rebooting your computer.

Have you ever left work open overnight, come back to it in the morning, only to find the Windows 10 updater rebooted your system, discarding your work?

Have you ever been working on your PC and suddenly Windows 10 interrupts you and forces the installation of an update, right in the middle of something important?

WUpdate Boss lets you confine Windows 10 updates to certain hours, not just 12 hours a day like Windows 10 allows. Some of us work outside of a normal 8-hour day and need more control over our updates!

  • If you frequently work 12, 13, 14, or even 16-hour days, you don't want Windows forcing you to update, potentially preventing you from working on something important!
  • If you have a shared PC that gets used at odd hours and needs to be accessible, you can postpone updates until you want them to run!

Windows 10 may have certain advantages, but it takes away power from the user. It's your computer; take back control!

Published Sep 24, 2016
StatusIn development
Tagsos, system, update, utility, windows-10

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